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American Mobile Offices, Tyson Corporation, McDonald Modular Solutions Inc., and Sommer's Mobile Leasing founded Manufactured Structures Corporation (MSC) in late 1984. They served the Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Cleveland markets. In 1995, American Mobile sold their Company, and their share of ownership returned to MSC.

Each of these Sales/Lease Centers had purchased buildings for many years from independent manufacturers. Dissatisfied with the lack of support and quality of the product they banded together to form Manufactured Structures Corporation.

With their own manufacturing facility they could now collectively influence the design and marketing of modular buildings offering custom features to meet the exact needs of their customers. New ideas in design, the latest building materials and new construction methods could all be tested and evaluated on the production line before implementation.

Meeting each month they coordinated product scheduling to ensure on time delivery, monitored product quality, provided feed back from the site set-up and exchanged new ideas.

Over the years, other selected Dealerships have been offered the opportunity to join with MSC and share in our philosophy of continued improvement and customer satisfaction. Their confidence and loyalty contributed to the growth and success of MSC.

Manufactured Structures Corporation, in its endeavor to be the best and most efficient manufacturing system producing the highest quality at a competitive cost, has the distinction of being the first commercial modular factory in the United States to receive ISO 9001 certification.

In 2000, a new production facility was built in Rochester, Indiana; and by early 2003, the entire operation had been relocated from the outdated Middlebury factory. Situated on 26 acres, this allows for continued expansion in the coming years.

On June 1, 2013, Titan International, Inc. acquired Manufactured Structures Corporation.
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